Alain Keler (eng)

ALAIN KELER Member of M. Y. O. P. Agency since 2008. He previously worked for the Sygma and Gamma agencies, and was co-founder of Odyssey Pictures in 1989. He has been reporting on conflicts since

abkhazia in frame inframe

Interview Françoise Lambert (ENG)

BIO Françoise Lambert lives and works in Paris. A professional journalist, she has been working as an author photographer since the early 2000’s. In her personal work, she explores the relationship between documentary and fiction.

Interview - Pierre Belhassen - In frame

Interview Pierre Belhassen (eng)

BIO Author-photographer Pierre Belhassen photographs his peers as he encounters them. The street, but more generally the outside world is his field of expression. There he developed his photographic work over long periods of time. A finalist in

Gil Rigoulet (eng)

  GIL RIGOULET began his career in the press in 1975 and became the first official photographer of the newspaper Le Monde in the early 80’s with whom he collaborated for more than 20 years. For