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Interview Alison McCauley

BIO I’m currently based in Singapore.  My approach to the people and locations I photograph is exploratory, questioning, open-ended and subjective. I have a visual arts education and background.  Originally a painter, I turned to photography

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Interview Françoise Lambert

| ENGLISH VERSION |   BIO Françoise Lambert vit et travaille à Paris. Journaliste de métier, elle poursuit depuis le début des années 2000 une activité de photographe auteur. Elle explore dans son travail personnel la

Interview Shane Lynam

BIO Shane Lynam is an Irish photographer based in Dublin. He is currently self-publishing his first book Fifty High Seasons. Alongside his art work, Shane works on editorial or commercial projects. Shane studied Politics and Economics at

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Interview Hannah Modigh

BIO Hannah Modigh was born in Stockholm but spent big parts of her childhood in India and on österlen in the south of Sweden. She has during her adult life lived in Paris and Copenhagen