IN FRAME.FR / A media exploring the different approaches and influences of documentary photography.

IN FRAME works with different platforms with adapted content. To express our identity in a transversal way by using various diffusion tools. Our goal is to promote and explore the different approaches and influences of documentary photography. Transmit and make understand the implication that these long term projects often impose on photographers.

In Frame is a site with a specific editorial line that serves as a foundation.
We use Instagram with a formal and aesthetic curation as a tool for observation and exploration of new talents and projects diffused on this network.

IN FRAME TALKS where events, talks, and meetings are regularly organized by involving the actors of documentary photography.

The production of videos with IN FRAME LIVE which allows us to expand our editorial line by highlighting borderline projects at the boundaries of the documentary genre. To question the formal approaches of the genre, its evolution, its creativity.

IN FRAME GALLERY which, thanks to partnerships and opportunities, allows us to create exhibitions. To encourage exchange, support, meetings with photographers. An online version is created to facilitate access to a large audience to discover the selected projects and to participate in the role of photography as an opening to worlds and cultures.

Founder / CEO:
Kalel Koven 
Executive Assistant / Event Coordinator:
Valentine Zeler
Jérome Lorieau Valentine Zeler

INFRAME.FR on Instagram and Facebook

PARTNERS: Hans Lucas Photo Doc. – Fujifilm France – Fisheye Magazine – PCP Photo – Revers Editions – Stanley / Barker – Competence Photo