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Interview Natela Grigalashvili

Can you tell me more about your project ‘’The Final Days of Georgian Nomads’’? The Final Days of Georgian Nomads is a photo project about the nomadic community from mountainous Adjara in west Georgia. These

in frame inframe lathigra kalpesh afghan war documentary photography medium format analog photography kalel koven base uk camp afghanistan army

Interview Kalpesh Lathigra

This project was a commission from The Guardian Weekend Magazine, we are interested in the working process so let’s start from the beginning. What is your organization before going to the field to take pictures? First making

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Interview Mimi Plumb

Tell me how did this project start? I left for the city at 17, in 1971, when the two-lane road to San Francisco became four lanes. I looked back in my late teens and early

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Interview Snezhana Von Budingen

Can you describe the series about Sophie? I got to know Sofie, 18 years old girl with Down syndrome, in the autumn of 2017. She’s just finished school and spent almost every day on the family