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Interview Snezhana Von Budingen

Can you describe the series about Sophie? I got to know Sofie, 18 years old girl with Down syndrome, in the autumn of 2017. She’s just finished school and spent almost every day on the family

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Interview Louise Honée

Can you tell me briefly what your series is about and how it all started? The photos from America mark a personal project in which I investigate the identity of youth in industrial areas. In

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Interview Judith Black

Can you tell us about your series Pleasant Street? Why did you decide to photograph your family members? What did it get you at the time? Was it also to mark a period that seemed

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Interview Jef Bonifacino

Can you describe the series « Natasha »? I started by making a series of portraits/interviews of Belarusian journalists and artists, then I photographed Minsk, then the country. I met Natasha during my first stay in Minsk.