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Interview Aleksey Myakishev

Can you explain what your project is about and what prompted you to work on the Vyatka region? I started shooting Vyatka quite a long time ago. I worked as a photojournalist for several Newspapers

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Interview Marcus Gustafsson

Can you explain in a few lines what your project is about? This is some kind of diary, a personal journey. It’s my life from when I am 20 years old until today when I

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Interview Leah Frances

The project is about documenting cultural American identity. Could you tell us more about the birth of American Squares? I became curious about America’s fascination with its own past long before I started making photographs.

Interview Valentine Vermeil

Can you summarize it and explain your series? Bab-El talks about the relationship to the land that various communities maintain on a territory. Bab, that means door in Arabic, El is Elohim in Hebrew, Bab-El