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Interview Patrick Wack

Can you explain your series about the Xinjiang region? Out West is a travel-driven documentary project about the far-western Chinese province of Xinjiang, which until recently was a territory of cultural, religious, and visual otherness

inframe in frame documentary south usa southern mississippi greenville phyllis dooney photographer valentine zeler kalel koven photography contemporary american youth gender gay identity love

Interview Phyllis B. Dooney

Can you explain your series and why did you choose this title? Gravity is Stronger Here is a series about desire: to be seen and loved. On its face, it is a documentary project featuring

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Interview Giulio Di Sturco

What makes you start the project Ganga Ma? Right after graduating from the European Institute of Design and Visual Arts in Rome, I moved to Canada for three years. While in Toronto, a friend of

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Interview Aleksey Myakishev

Can you explain what your project is about and what prompted you to work on the Vyatka region? I started shooting Vyatka quite a long time ago. I worked as a photojournalist for several Newspapers