Interview Valentine Vermeil

Can you summarize it and explain your series? Bab-El talks about the relationship to the land that various communities maintain on a territory. Bab, that means door in Arabic, El is Elohim in Hebrew, Bab-El

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Interview Jen Ervin

Tell us about your long-term project, « The Arc »? The Arc is a collection of polaroids and experimental films I created over a period of six years, 2012-2018.  Bridged together, they explore a place by ritualizing

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Interview Théophile Trossat

This series is the result of a road trip with a friend, how all began and why?

 With the friend Emilien Urbano, we were completing a photojournalism training course in Paris. Neither of us had

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Interview Dan Farnum

Could you explain what « Young Blood » is about? Young Blood investigates children, teenagers, and young adults raised amidst a backdrop of economic decomposition in the neighborhoods of Michigan’s auto towns. Adolescence and early adulthood are