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Interview Joshua Dudley Greer

  Your project and photobook are about the massive network of superhighways in the United States, what lead you to this huge project? I’ve had an interest in the history of the road trip for

inframe in frame jake mein

Interview Jake Mein

This work is a 10years project. How all begin? Working for a magazine I was traveling a lot for different assignments while I was on these assignments I would always be making work for myself,

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Interview Elsa Seignol

What is the genesis of your series? At the time, I was working with a collective on the influence and interaction of the inhabitants on the development of their environment/city. During this trip to Asia,

jordano koven detroit in frame inframe documentary usa documentaire photo unbroken down

Interview Dave Jordano

Tell me when did you start this project and why? I initially returned to Detroit in 2010 for the sole purpose of creating a re-photography project of several architectural buildings that I photographed in the